It takes a world leader to protect one. As the world’s leading brand of architectural window film, LLumar enhances the comfort, safety and appearance of some of the world’s most beloved buildings. From Buckingham Palace to the Chrysler World Headquarters, LLumar exceeds expectations of even the toughest customers.


Central Bank of the Russian Federation - Moscow

Film: R20SRCDF

Founded on July 13, 1990, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation manages several important aspects of Russia's economic policy including regulating the supply of money so as to provide society with price stability. This building's appearance was transformed with LLumar solar control film.







The Griffin Centre - Perth

Film: Sputtered Film

LLumar solar control film was installed on the west and north elevations of this building to increase tenant comfort and prevent air conditioner overload. The film was chosen for its low internal reflection.





Tretiakov's Gallery – Moscow

Film: R20SRCDF

The Tretiakov's Gallery possesses the finest collection of traditional Russian paintings in the world. LLumar solar control film protects the pieces from damaging UV rays.   


Governor Stirling Tower – Perth

Film: Sputtered Film

When heat problems caused an air conditioning overload at the Governor Stirling Tower, LLumar solar control film was applied to the north, west and east elevations to ensure heat comfort and lower shading coefficient. With a 3 year payback period, this 25 story building is the 2nd largest window film project in Australia.


Samsung Flower Town Apartment - Korea


Residents of the Samsung Flower Town Apartments were complaining of cold from the northern exposed windows during the winter. After looking into many options, LLumar Low-E film was chosen as the most effective and cost efficient solution. 


Payot Beauty Clinic – Brazil

Film: R20SRCDF

The Payot Beauty Clinic is one of the finest in the country. The gazebo pictured here features a popular coffee shop facing a swimming pool and garden. The architect used clear glass to preserve the beautiful view, but it was too hot for the customers. The problem was solved with the installation of R20SRCDF. 


Holiday Inn Center City, Los Angeles


Recently the Los Angeles City Center Holiday Inn was totally renovated inside and out. An important and integral part of the renovation was the installation of 4,000 square meters of solar control window film to the windows facing east and west. LLumar DL30GNSRHPR film rejects 54% of total solar energy and 99% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays, thereby helping to prevent interior furnishings from fading and heat damage.


Red Bull Racing Office - Milton Keynes, UK

Film: R20SR CDF Solar Control Film

When Red Bull bought Jaguar Racing, the team's offices in Milton Keynes were refurbished and restyled in Red Bull's livery, with the exterior of the premises painted silver. The architect turned to CPFilms to suggest a silver-effect performance window film for the extensive glazing. LLumar reflective film gave the modern mirror look sought by the architect and also significantly reduced solar glare. Red Bull Racing now has a 21st century office to match its racing ambitions.


Chelsea Harbour Development – London, UK

Film: LS 61 SR CDF Solar Control Film

With its three glass domes forming an unmistakable part of West London’s skyline, the Chelsea Harbour Development combines luxury flats and premium office space with an exclusive threestory shopping mall. Unfortunately, the glass domes have proven problematic, with excessive summer temperatures making the mall uncomfortable for staff and customers.



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